It’s no secret that no matter how passionate you might be about fitness and healthy living, every once in a while, we all need a little extra motivation to get our butts in the gym. With that said, we’ve compiled our team’s top 7 tips to motivate you before a workout and help prepare you for your best workout yet.

#1 Prepare your sessions in advance

There is nothing worse than arriving at the gym and wasting half your workout time
looking around like a lost puppy because you have no idea what you’re going to do.
Setting aside time, the night before a gym sesh, or even better, a bit of time every
Sunday to organize your weekly workout schedule can make all the difference. This way
you can be sure you’re hitting all the key muscle groups and can also line up the specific
exercises you will need to do for each.

#2 schedule out your sessions for the week.

Speaking about sunday, take that time to pull out your calendar. Not just whether it is an arms or abs day, but make it a proper date - time, date, location etc. and book it in your calendar!

#3 Train with a mate

Sometimes the accountability of working out with a friend is all you need to get yourself out of bed and en route to the gym. Not only that, but with someone else around we often train harder and better yet, have more fun!

#4 Playlist is key

Whether you’re embracing training with a mate or you’re having some ‘me time’ and crushing a solo workout, training tunes can make all the difference. If you often workout with a friend, it can be fun to start a joint playlist that you can both contribute to beforehand and hit that shuffle button before getting started. When you’re on your own, you’re in full control and can either create your own playlist or search some up on Spotify where they are even categorized by beats per minute to keep you on beat with your workout.

#5 Create an IG or Pinterest album for workout inspo

Visualization is everything and having a set folder to store your inspiration can be so . helpful. Whether you save various workouts as you come across them and/or the fitness bloggers who inspire you the most, this can be a wonderful tool for last minute motivation before hitting the gym or starting a new week/fresh chapter.

#6 Invest in a coach

If you’re ready for a big lifestyle change and hoping to make some serious progress in your health journey, think about taking the plunge and hiring a personal trainer. If the ones at the gym are out of budget, consider an online trainer who is willing to help you with a personalized plan or even try downloading a training app, so you never run out of inspiration.

#7 Speaking of inspiration, dress to impress...yourself

WFH? Great, throw on your best activewear set at the start of the day so when training time comes around there are no excuses and you’re all set. Expand your activewear collection so that you always feel fierce and ready to fight. Need a little inspo? We’ve got you covered, check out our best sellers here!

Et voilà no excuse !