How Boxing As A Female Goes Beyond The Ring

For many women who are new to the art of boxing, or even watching from the outside looking in, the sport can seem daunting, untouchable even. Well the truth is, the expert at anything was once a beginner and the reason so many people love boxing, women in particular often goes far beyond the ring.

Boxing has the power to teach us how to handle the heavy battles in life and at The Knockout, we use the power gained from boxing to our advantage. We use it to help us kick into shape while preparing ourselves physically and mentally for the days ahead.

“Through boxing, I’ve learned life lessons -

React, don’t anticipate. Always keep your guard up until you’re ready to make a move. Breathe. When you get hit, get right back up and keep going. Sometimes you just get hit in the face. In the end I know that life will throw me more curveballs — but now I know how to throw a right hook.”

Female journalist Melanie Lockert, who found her love for boxing in a bit of an unexpected way shared, “If I’m honest, boxing has had a profound impact on my mental health and has helped me release years worth of residual anger and resentment in a healthy way. It also boosted my confidence in real ways and made me feel stronger — and not in the fake-it-till-you-make-it way.” Melanie claims that through boxing she has learned discipline. She’s learned the power of getting out of her comfort zone. She has seen the beauty of progress and most importantly she has felt herself get stronger - in every aspect of life.

It is worth noting, that in addition to these wonderful perks that come along with being a female who practices boxing, that there are inherent benefits that relate more specifically to safety. This world has not always allowed for women to feel safe and secure on a daily basis, and while we will continue to push towards a society where everyone can walk the streets feeling safe and secure, until then we will continue to encourage women and girls to learn self defense.