Our 5 Favorite Moves For A Full Body Workout

Hey TKO girls, in need of some end-of-summer workout inspo? We’ve got you covered. 

Below, our founder walks you through a 30 minute full-body circuit made up of 5 of our favorite moves for a solid workout that will leave you feeling the burn. The best part is - most of these can easily be modified to fit your environment. These are perfect moves to take from your outdoor workout spot to your home gym as the colder months move in on us.

So here's how it should look - Completing all 5 exercises below at their listed reps makes for 1 set. You will do 3 sets and take a 2 minute break between each set. If you aren’t feeling your heart rate rising, that probably means you can increase your weights! 

If you need a little more coaching, take a look at this video to see what each of these exercises look like in action. Good luck! 

#1 Dumbbell Snatches

15 Reps Each Side

#2 Burpees

10 Reps

#3 Overhead Press + Romanian Deadlift

15 Reps

#4 Squat & Punch

15 Reps

#5 Squat & Knees Down

15 Reps

Finisher Punches

50 Punches x 3 

We hope this made for a great sweat sesh! If you’re interested in the TKO set our founder is wearing in this workout, you can check out the top here and the bottoms here. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and TikTok at @theknockoutparis for more!